What We Know To Be True

What we know to be true about vampires probably depends on how many vampire stories we have digested in our lifetime. And what type of stories we prefer. Yes, I’m looking at you now, Twilight. I haven’t even read (or watched) you yet, but the sparkling vampire is all your fault. And even a vamp noob such as yours truly knows that makes no flipping sense at all.

In this article, I will try to paint a general picture of the modern vampire. I’ll keep adding whatever information I gain from the different stories I read, watch and listen to from now on. Hopefully, we’ll end up with some interesting “facts” about these creatures.

Do they sleep in coffins? Can they turn into bats or wolves at will? Can they go outside in daylight? Do they poop?

I have so many questions, and very soon I’ll be able to find answers to them…

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