– Hey, Let’s Be Friends!

    HEY, WANNA BE friends? Here’s how you can find us online and/or get in touch outside the blog. We have accounts on Instagram, facebook, twitter, tiktok, and Pinterest. You can send an email or leave a message in the comments on one of the blogs. The possibilities are (almost) endless,…

    – FC3, Birthday Boy

    Ulfrheim Author's Notes

    YEP, I FORGOT to upload this one too, but the first draft of Fenrir’s Cubbies, Chapter 3, is now available here and on aswewrite.com. (I promise, I’ll try to get the hang of this!) So, in this chapter, Edda realises she’s been had. Angel and Horse must have colluded to pull…

    Ch 1, Aldarrök

    HORSE It was the end of an age. The end of life as we knew it. Aldarrök, she called it. An apocalyptic event in our microcosm. I’d been looking forward to it for years, playing out different scenarios in my head. But not once had I imagined the pain I…

    — Sword

    “She was mesmerizing. Her movements smooth and sensual, almost feline in nature. She danced like a ballerina around her opponent; Hefna, her sword, an extension of her right arm. Instant justice by cold, hard steel was meted out by Edda’s avenging Angel.”  © Lïnnéa Lucifer, 2021 Writing prompt from #SeptemberSlugfest…

    — Huge, Large, Big

    Huge mistake leaving Large ego crumbling Big tears falling The sweet pain of growth © Evalena Styf, 2021 Writing prompt from #FlexVSS for the #WritingCommunity on Twitter, 1 September 2021. Word of the day: Huge/Large/Big.

    – FC2, Life of the Party

    Ulfrheim Author's Notes

    I KEEP FORGETTING to upload these, but the first draft of Fenrir’s Cubbies, Chapter 2, is now available here and on Wattpad. Angel has managed to drag a reluctant Edda to The Palace where she has made reservations for them to have New Year’s supper and ring in the new…

    3) Birthday Boy

    EDDA SIGHED and closed her eyes. She would need a clear head to get out of this predicament. ‘I swear, Vanadís—if this is all your doing, I’ll never forgive you!’  The man had her in a vice grip. She couldn’t see him, but the scent was familiar enough. He held her…

    — Kissing in Storytelling

    LET’S TALK about kissing… In case you didn’t know, I love Colin Firth. I think he’s a brilliant actor and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of his films. Several of them more than once. But his kissing scenes? Eh, no thanks! I seriously cannot stand watching him kiss on…

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    Ulfrheim Author's Notes

    THE ULFRHEIM SAGAS I Horse’s Heart II Fenrir’s Cubbies III Avenging Angel IV Loki’s Legacy V Scooter’s Sister VI As The Fox Flies VII Like The Raven Howls VIII When The Wolf Speaks IX Juicy’s Justice – – – – – – – – Ulfrheim Sagas by Lïnnéa Lucifer –…