Please note, this blog is written for a mature (18+) audience.


If you’re not old enough to vote and make your own decisions, please don’t read this blog. I really don’t want to be the reason you can’t sleep at night, or end up in trouble with your parents. Ideally, would like to keep this platform free from angry parents. Obviously, I cannot physically stop you from reading my content, but I humbly ask you to respect my wishes and go do something else with your day. You’re welcome back when you’re 18! 


I have a tendency to use colourful language (swear words, slang etc) and I both write and talk about smut. Not exclusively, but I have a lot of thoughts and opinions on how sex and human relationships are portrayed in storytelling.


Some of the titles I read/watch to review and rant about may be from the YA category, but the way I discuss them is probably not going to please a younger audience. Or their parents, to be precise. When I write about a book, film, game etc. I’m talking about my personal views. The writing about these titles, therefore, is going to reflect me and my language.

As an example, Stephenie Meyer‘s Twilight Saga was written for a young (YA) audience. It was the first title on my to-read-list when I started this blog (I wanted to understand what’s so hot about vampires). While Meyer’s books are free from profanities and smut, they do contain violence, references to sex and triggering topics. When I’m writing about them, I do that from my POV. As an adult discussing the story with other adults. 


I write smut and I write about smut. In case you don’t know what that means, smut is short for sexual material. This blog is not a smut blog per se, and my books are not erotica, but both the blog and the books feature sexual content. I write (about) stories, stories tend to revolve around people, and people tend to have sex. For some reason, this aspect of the human experience is often the most cringe-worthy in any kind of storytelling. I like to discuss why that is, what is s bad about it and what could have made it better. 


All my Ulfrheim sagas feature mature language, violence, potentially triggering topics and sexual content. They are fantasy stories rooted in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore and sensitive readers should probably avoid them. Just saying. =)