Ulfrheim Author's Notes

A Brief Introduction

AT RAGNARÖK, the twilight of the gods, the Nine Homes were swallowed by the sea, and a single new world emerged. For a very long time after that, there was peace, but it ended with the rise of humankind.

With their greed, envy and capacity for great evil, they brought about the first destruction of an age, aldar rök, that killed 40% of their kind. Yet, the humans did not change, and 800 years later the second aldar rök claimed 60% of their kind.

Now, another 600 years have passed and humans have no fear of old gods or apocalyptic disasters. But the signs are there. A third aldar rök is under way, and there is nothing science, technology or money can do to stop it.

– – – – – – – – –

It’s New Year’s Eve in Sundsvall, a northern seaside city on Sweden’s east coast where best friends and single mums, Edda and Angel, are trying to make it through their first Yuletide without the kids.

For Edda, who’s been through the wringer over the past two years, this is rock bottom, but Angel decides it’s time to break her friend out of the negative cycle and ring in the new year in style. Convinced a few drinks and a decent shag can cure most evils, she drags a reluctant Edda to The Palace, the fancy downtown nightclub where they both work.

It’s the last of the Yuletide Homecoming Nights and the place is packed with homecomers on the prowl for a joyride before they return to their new homes. And, of course, the locals are there to mingle and play. As people’s pasts, presents and futures collide in the crowded nightclub, Edda takes refuge in the darkest corner of the basement cocktail bar. And that’s where Horse, the President of Fenrir’s Cubbies, finds her…

I hope you will tag along on this adventure and look forward to hearing from you in the comment sections!

Love and Lust,


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