-Can Criticism Be Healthy?

HEY WRITER, do you think criticism can ever be healthy? I do, and in this article I’m going to tell you why.

“The trouble with most of us is that we’d rather

be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.”

– Norman Vincent Peale

When the emphasis of criticism is negative it can be destructive, punitive, and alienating. Being bulldozed by a drive-by criticism can take your breath away and leave you feeling ashamed and misunderstood. Can criticism ever be healthy? Absolutely!

It’s entirely possible to give and receive criticism in ways that are healthy and supportive. It’s isn’t so much about what you say that matters, as how you say it. Giving and taking healthy criticism is all about the delivery. Leaving negative emotions aside and looking for the benefits to what is being shared.

Healthy Benefits of Giving Criticism

There are healthy benefits to offering criticism. First off, labeling the criticism as feedback helps. Feedback can include positive and negative information. Given the right way, even derogatory information can be helpful.

Some of the healthy benefits of giving criticism can be that you’re:

– Helping someone improve something, or
– Stopping someone’s destructive behaviour.

Criticism is beneficial when it can help someone improve something or a certain situation. Pointing out safety issues, remedying a problem, or offering a solution can help.

Even though the feedback may be critical of a situation, behaviour, or practice, it is given as a service to the person being critiqued.

Healthy Benefits of Receiving Criticism

There are equally healthy benefits of receiving criticism. In the same way as your opinion and feedback might help someone else, theirs might be helpful to you.

Having the right frame of mind can make receiving criticism a blessing rather than a curse. Two of the possible benefits are that it can:

– Help you preventing loss or embarrassment
– Lead to increased self-awareness

Criticism is beneficial when it helps you prevent loss or embarrassment. Sometimes a neutral person, or even someone who’s all fired up, can alert you to a practice, behaviour, or situation that isn’t serving you.

Also, criticism can help you become more self-aware. Seeing yourself, or something you’re doing, through someone else’s eyes can help you have an aha-moment that might make you more aware of your impact.

Criticism can be very healthy if it’s delivered by trustworthy people who have the best interest of the situation at heart. Sure, you can get random criticism that can tip you off that you need to make changes, but most times it only causes defensive reactions.

Hearing tough truths from helpful people can really make a difference. Being this sort of person for others will make a difference in their life and listening to this sort of person will make a difference in yours. It’s a win – win.

Questions of the Day:

– Have you experienced any healthy benefits from receiving criticism?

– Have you experienced any healthy benefits from being the one dishing out criticism?

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