Ulfrheim wiki: B
- Linnea Lucifer



The word basically refers to someone who rides a motorcycle. But, of course, it’s not quite as simple as that. At least not if you ask a biker.

First of all, they would argue, simply riding a motorcycle doesn’t make you a biker. A biker is someone for whom motorcycling is a lifestyle. A passion. It’s not something you are in your spare time, but the essence of your being. To be a biker is to take your motorcycle seriously; to ride for the sheer joy of riding; to ride wherever, and whenever, possible; and to abide by the biker code and etiquette. Also, to them, being a biker means that you are a member of an MC.

Someone who, by this definition, is not a biker is a rider or a motorcyclist. Fun fact: Bikers really don’t like to be called motorcyclists, and riders/motorcyclists tend to dislike being called bikers. You may want to check the back of their kutte, if they have one, before you decide what to call them…


A British term meaning ordinary, basic, uninspired, or unexceptional in a pretty derogative way. If something is bog-standard, there’s nothing special about it. Bog comes from the old bog-house, and even older boggard, for a latrine or privy. Edda is unhappy in the bog-standard flat she lives in.

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