DAILY WRITING PROMPTS 2 THE ANSWER IS YES.  New Year’s Resolutions are my thing. I’ve been writing mine in the (very) early morning hours on the first day of the year for as long as I can remember. And with one exception, I have kept them all. There have been…


    FK Marlowe

    AUTHOR PROFILE F K Marlowe Author I’ve got a bad case of the alan! Beans on Toast. He’s a Jam Role! Barney Rubble. Don’t give it the Barry McQuigan. Damian Duff. Been down the fang-wrencher’s to get me Hounslow Heath fixed. Duck and Dive. Just jumping in the Austin. Barry…



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    E-MAIL: TWITTER: TWITTER: fkmarlowe@aswewrite.com @fkmarlowewrites @TheBelleDame1 FK Marlowe Author It’s all gone a bit Nick Cotton. Riccardo Patrese. Sat on a nail, didn’t I? Went right up me Khyber Pass! Duke of Kent. My strawberry only beats for you, treacle. Garden Gate. Didn’t you know Julie’s a Chicken Dipper now?…


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    AMAZON: GOODREADS: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER 1: TWITTER 2: TWITTER 3: FK Marlowe FK Marlowe FK Marlowe FK Marlowe, for the serious shivers. TheBelleDame, if you’re feeling playful. Artie Dodges, Belle’s fictional Dickensian nephew is a genuine Cockney sparra wiv an eye for the finer fings in life. If it’s a cheeky…



    DAILY WRITING PROMPTS 1 WELL LOOK AT THAT! This mammoth task started out a lot easier than I thought it would. Short answer: I spent the night at home in my bed. Same as I have for the last 700+ days thanks to this sodding pandemic and my unruly immune…

    Roll on January


    GOODBYE DECEMBER! I’ve been online for four months now to forge partnerships, find potential readers and engage in some kind of intellectual debate and social interaction with other writers. Covid style, of course. As December, and with it this whole blasted year, withers away in the night, it’s time to…

    The Wolf Song, Astrid Lindgren

    a wolf howling to the moon

    LET’S LISTEN to Vargsången (the wolf song) by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren and composer Björn Isfält. This is the second of this year’s Advent Calendar treats. You can find the lyrics in English, and the reason why I decided to make this song the second stop on the guided tour…

    Odysseus, Björn Afzelius

    An aerial photo of the Indal river in Sweden with the text Odysseus by Bjorn Afzelius

    LET’S LISTEN to Odysseus by Swedish singer, songwriter, guitarist and author Björn Afzelius. This is the first of this year’s Advent Calendar treats. You can find the lyrics in English, and the reason why I decided to make this song the first stop on the guided tour of my backwaters,…

    Roll on December

    HELLO DECEMBER: yuletide scene with popcorn and hot chocolate in front of an open fire.

    GOODBYE NOVEMBER! Three months into this creative writing adventure I’m beginning to think the Writing Community, particularly on twitter, is a pretty awesome place to call home. So, now that November is over it’s time for the monthly recap. I’m extremely proud of myself for completing NaNoWriMo in 17 days.…

    My Advent Calendar

    an advent calendar with 24 hearts

    LET’S LISTEN to some stories together! I don’t have anyone to open Advent Calendars with this year either (I don’t even have a calendar 😢), so I decided to make an alternative one and share it with you. Given that it’s alternative, I’m not sure how many days we get…

    Well That’s a First…

    Nanowrimo winner certificate

    I WAS IN SUCH a mad dash to complete NaNoWriMo before the 19th that I forgot to post my diploma. This is the first time I’ve completed Nano before the 30th, and it was only possible because of the extensive planning and preparation that went in to it. I spent…

    What Is Magic?

    a green face covered under mossy roots. the word "magic" covers the person's eyes.

    WHAT IS MAGIC? When I decided to get back into the manuscripts for my Ulfrheim saga, it dawned on me that I had a lot of unanswered questions about magic. Some of these were fairly simple to work out, but others I’m not 100% sure I have resolved yet. So,…

    Here We Go Again…

    nanowrimo writers badge 2021

    IT’S TIME! Preptober, and InstaWrimo, are over and it’s finally time for the real challenge: NaNoWriMo 2021. In case you don’t know, NaNo is the (Inter)National Novel Writing Month, and it’s an event that encourages writers of all ages, from all countries, to come together and write 50.000 words in…

    Roll on November

    Wood block letters spelling out the words hello november on top of autumn withered leaves

    GOODBYE OCTOBER! Two months into this adventure I’m touched and blown away by the kind and supportive reception I’ve received in the online WritingCommunity. I posted more work in progress (wip) chapters and daily InstaWrimo/ preptober blogposts in October. I was active on social media and promoted my posts and…

    Preptober Day 31/2021

    My character Eewil Grimm and his didekick Bellatrix, the Guardian of Halloween in front of a spooky looking house with bats and spiders.

    WELCOME TO the very last of this year’s preptober, or InstaWrimo, posts. It’s Day 31 and for some readers it may be time to celebrate Halloween. I guess that’s why the last prompt is: – Spooky. Although there are elements of spooky in my Ulfrheim #wips, I’m not ready to…

    Preptober Day 30/2021

    I CAN’T HELP feeling like the InstaWrimo team ran out of prompt ideas toward the end of this challenge. The last couple of prompts have not given us much to sink our fangs into, if you ask me. Nevertheless, we’re here and we’ll make do, so without further ado let’s…

    Preptober Day 29/2021

    A screen shot of my audible library.

    A SHELFIE, they said… Only three more days to go before we have completed InstaWrimo and can begin the real challenge. Today (Day 29) it’s going to be another short post. The daily prompt is: – Shelfie. I guess that means we’re supposed to share a snapshot of our bookcase.…

    Preptober Day 28/2021

    In the blood book cover

    YES! IT’S InstaWrimo time again, and we’re down to the last four posts for this preptober. Today, we’re talking about cliffhangers and I know exactly what I want to focus on. I don’t know about you, but I love a good cliffhanger. As long as we’re talking about a chapter…

    Preptober Day 27/2021

    My favourite quote

    SO, WE’RE DOWN TO the last five days of the InstaWrimo challenge, and today (Day 27) it’s going to be another short post. The daily prompt is: – Favourite quote. Well, I have two. The first one, if memory serves me right, is from an old film with snakes on…