– Keeping a Reading Log


    I’M IMMENSELY grateful that I was born into a reading family. I learned to read at an early age, and my teachers made sure we became habitual readers by dragging us to the library on a regular basis. At home we had a relatively extensive reading library, and my parents…

    Titles to Read, Watch & Play

    AWW 10 The Shortlist

    IT’S OFFICIAL! I have started a shortlist of titles I have chosen to delve into during my storytelling exploits. I decided to pick four titles from the results I got when I was searching for vampires. I also decided to only look at stories in films or tv-series to begin…

    Don’t Be A Dick!

    AWW 8 Reviews or Critique

    ONCE UPON A TIME I used to love reading the reviews in The Sunday Times. It was my most precious indulgence while I was a poor single mum living in Sweden. I’d pick up the thick envelope from my newsagents on a Wednesday and put it aside so I could…