– Keeping a Reading Log


    I’M IMMENSELY grateful that I was born into a reading family. I learned to read at an early age, and my teachers made sure we became habitual readers by dragging us to the library on a regular basis. At home we had a relatively extensive reading library, and my parents…

    – Stories To Date Q4/20

    AWW 36 My Long Shortlist

    SHORTLIST UPDATE: This is my first update and I’ve added four more titles to date and die into. I’m still primarily interested in stories with paranormal or supernatural ingredients, but any story will peak my interest if it’s either a great story (allegedly), or one that’s been hugely successful. Tacky,…

    Titles to Read, Watch & Play

    AWW 10 The Shortlist

    IT’S OFFICIAL! I have started a shortlist of titles I have chosen to delve into during my storytelling exploits. I decided to pick four titles from the results I got when I was searching for vampires. I also decided to only look at stories in films or tv-series to begin…

    Titles to Read & Watch

    AWW 10 Vampires Read Watch List

    IN MY SEARCH FOR vampire stories to sink my teeth into, I found quite a few. But then you guys got all busy in my socials and sent me even more suggestions, so I decided we need a list. Here below, I’ve listed all the titles I have so far.…

    How I Get Inside the Stories

    AWW 4 Workflow

    IF YOU WERE wondering how I go about dissecting the stories that interest me, I thought I’d make a post about my workflow. This is a system I have “perfected” over many years analysing different types of texts and finding interesting ways of presenting the information. As I only have…