– FC3, Birthday Boy

    Ulfrheim Author's Notes

    YEP, I FORGOT to upload this one too, but the first draft of Fenrir’s Cubbies, Chapter 3, is now available here and on aswewrite.com. (I promise, I’ll try to get the hang of this!) So, in this chapter, Edda realises she’s been had. Angel and Horse must have colluded to pull…

    Ch 1, Aldarrök

    HORSE It was the end of an age. The end of life as we knew it. Aldarrök, she called it. An apocalyptic event in our microcosm. I’d been looking forward to it for years, playing out different scenarios in my head. But not once had I imagined the pain I…

    – FC2, Life of the Party

    Ulfrheim Author's Notes

    I KEEP FORGETTING to upload these, but the first draft of Fenrir’s Cubbies, Chapter 2, is now available here and on Wattpad. Angel has managed to drag a reluctant Edda to The Palace where she has made reservations for them to have New Year’s supper and ring in the new…

    3) Birthday Boy

    EDDA SIGHED and closed her eyes. She would need a clear head to get out of this predicament. ‘I swear, Vanadís—if this is all your doing, I’ll never forgive you!’  The man had her in a vice grip. She couldn’t see him, but the scent was familiar enough. He held her…

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    Ulfrheim Author's Notes

    THE ULFRHEIM SAGAS I Horse’s Heart II Fenrir’s Cubbies III Avenging Angel IV Loki’s Legacy V Scooter’s Sister VI As The Fox Flies VII Like The Raven Howls VIII When The Wolf Speaks IX Juicy’s Justice – – – – – – – – Ulfrheim Sagas by Lïnnéa Lucifer –…

  • EDDA
    Liv Eihwaz Varg

    EDDA IS one of the central characters in the Ulfrheim sagas. She is the first POV character we meet, and she appears or is mentioned in all of the books. Her real name is Liv Eihwaz Varg, but she has been called Edda since she was a child. She is…

    Anna-Karin Svelander

    ANGEL IS EDDA’S best friend and chosen sister. She lives with her daughter, Juicy, in a small commonhold flat in Sundsvall, Sweden. Angel works as a bartender at The Palace. Her real name is Anna-Karin Svelander, but she was nicknamed Angel as she can be like an angel, a fallen angel…

    2) Life of the Party

    THE QUEUE to The Palace was longer than normal. It snaked all around the block, and Edda felt bad for all the poor girls in skimpy clothes standing there. They would, no doubt, have frostbites by the time they got indoors. She couldn’t think of anything she wanted so badly…

    Peter Nylander

    HORSE IS THE PRESIDENT, and one of the four original members, of Fenrir’s Cubbies. He is also the (secret) father of Edda’s children and the one she refers to as Him. Horse owns the commonhold flat Edda and the kids live in, but he divides his time between his stud…