D.G. Barnes, Doug to those who know him, hails from the beautiful Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. He was born in New Brunswick, and being a military brat, he spent the first three years of his life in Belgium and sadly doesn’t remember a thing about it.

After a 32-year career he retired and once again picked up his pen, publishing his first book, a contemporary lesbian romance, in 2018.

Doug was bitten by the writing bug in the eighth grade and penned several short stories for his English teachers until he graduated high school in 1982. He exchanged his writing cap for helmet when he joined the Canadian Forces two years later.

He moved across Canada a half dozen times and travelled to several countries on duty, including a six-month tour in Haiti.

Doug is a self-proclaimed geek and a proud boomer. He is a fan of science fiction, especially Star Trek, and a gamer. When it comes to reading, he prefers audiobooks, but does read digital and paperback too.

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