Liv Eihwaz Varg

EDDA IS one of the central characters in the Ulfrheim sagas. She is the first POV character we meet, and she appears or is mentioned in all of the books. Her real name is Liv Eihwaz Varg, but she has been called Edda since she was a child. She is a single mother of six (three boys and three girls) and to her kids she is the Wolfmother.

Being independent and self-sufficient is important to Edda. She is something of a survival expert; and a staunch commitment-phobic who claims she needs a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle. But she is also mentally scarred, vulnerable and lonely.

Edda has several chronic conditions, some of which have a severe impact on her quality of life and her ability to take care of herself.


Don’t read the info below if you want to avoid spoilers.

I will add more details as the stories unfold.

Full Name: Liv Eihwaz Varg

AKA: Edda; Wolfmother

Age: 15 Horse’s Heart; 28 Fenrir’s Cubbies; Born 14/10/1966

Title(s)/Occupation: Hotel hostess; Singer; 

Nationality/Species: Swedish

Description: “[He] remembered thinking she must be a trollunge. A changeling. Her silver striped, raven black hair made her look a bit like a badger. Her eyes were deep blue, like wells of swirling water with sunflowers floating on the surface. And she had a soft, freckled little nose that scrunched up when she was laughing, or brooding over something.

She was as cute as a button and he’d asked his father if he could keep her. He’d been so upset when they laughed at him and explained that she was the blacksmith’s granddaughter. A little girl. A human, just like him. [He] hadn’t believed them. Truth be told, he still wasn’t convinced she was human.”

Personality/Mannerisms: At 28, Edda is grouchy, sarcastic, irritable.

Likes/Habits: Crafting and artistic pursuits; animals and nature. 

Home(s): A commonhold flat in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Family/Friends: Eihwaz & Embla (twin daughters, 1986); Askr, Raun & Eik (triplet sons, 1989); Sága (daughter, 1992); Angel Svelander (bestie/sister); Juicy Svelander (niece); Horse Nylander (brother/bestie/partner); Hunter Svelander (brother/friend);




Fylgia/Hamingja: Vanadìs  

Appears/Mentioned: Horse’s Heart; Fenrir’s Cubbies: The Path To The Patch

Role in Story: The link between past, present and future


Background: Edda grew up on her grandparents’ farm in a small village in Indal, a locality in Västernorrland County, Sweden. Her grandfather, Stig Varg, was the local farrier and blacksmith. Her grandmother, Anita Varg, was a wise woman. She was three years old when she met Horse (Peter Nylander), who quickly became her best friend and chosen brother.

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