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Foretelling is the present participle of the verb to foretell. The word comes from the 1300’s Middle English foretellen (fore- +‎ tell). and it means to prophesy. Or to be able predict a future action or event before it happens. Foresay and forespeak are synonyms of foretell.

Wheel of Time: Foretelling is a Talent and the Aes Sedai seem to believe it’s somehow linked to the One Power. (You don’t actually use any power in fortelling, but Aes Sedai aren’t always as logical as they think they are.) As with most of the old Talents, foretelling is rarely seen in the Third Age.

In New Spring, we see how the foretelling works when Gitara Moroso foretells the birth of the Dragon on the slopes of Dragonmount before she dies. The message is clear, but the details not so much. And she wasn’t actively trying to foretell something—it came upon her without warning and she started speaking the words.

We also learn that foretellers rarely remember what they’ve foretold after the vision leaves them. They are passive transmitters of visions, rather than active mages delving for answers about the future.

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NB! The wiki may contain spoilers – you have been warned. =)

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