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13 JULY, 2022

I am not a writer, I am an exorcist.

In June night falls late but the voices crowd where the shadows cast. An American in London selling smut. A lady’s maid who works at night and bears a secret. A man who waits while hoping to find something he doesn’t have a name for.

Those voices are the closest, the ghosts who creep in the closest shadows. Behind them a legion awaits. A man who attempts to preserve an abandoned New York. A psychiatrist confronted by the evidence of a god machine. A woman resurrected a hundred thousand years after her presumed death. A woman who can not die. And many more.

The voices stretch into the short nights. Writers create characters, they craft stories. I exorcize them from my brain, like a sculptor who discovers a statue within the marble. I simply document what already exists.

And drink, I do that too. That might not help with the voices.


Leto Armitage is an American multi-genre author with four published titles under his belt.

A sucker for romances grounded in reality, Leto writes stories featuring strong, but flawed, relatable characters, and he often uses erotica to show the sexual aspect of relationships. 

He seasons the stories with liberal measures of his signature sense of humour, vast knowledge of trivia and a little something to tease each of your senses.

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