NB! The wiki may contain spoilers – you have been warned. 😘


Wheel of Time: The Keeper, or the Keeper of the Chronicles, is the second highest position in the White Tower. The Keeper works with/for the Amyrlin Seat, and although it is the second highest position it only carries as much power as the Amyrlin decides to bestow upon her Keeper.


Wheel of Time: Lews Therin Telamon is referred to as the Kinslayer. He was the Dragon, the Champion of the Light, who lead the 100 Companions in the attack that sealed the Dark One and the Forsaken in Shayol Ghul. He earned the name after he’d slaughtered his whole family and all the people who’d ever loved him. 

THE READER’S WIKI is a slowly growing collection of glossary/wiki entries where I collect terms from the titles I delve into.

NB! The wiki may contain spoilers – you have been warned. =)

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