AWW 24 Witches
- Linnea Lucifer,  RESOURCES


MAGIC USERS A – Z is like a Who’s Who of mages, witches, wizards, warlocks and other magic wielders I’ve come across in storytelling. I list magic users from books, tv-series, films and games, and it doesn’t matter if they are the main characters of the story or not.

So, without further ado, here’s the list as it stands right now:

– Catarina Loss, Warlock, The Shadowhunter Chronicles

– Diana Bishop, Weaver, All Souls Trilogy

– Emily Mather, Witch, All Souls Trilogy 

Goodwife “Goody” Allsop, Weaver, All Souls Trilogy

– Madame Dorothea, hedge-witch, The Shadowhunter Chronicles

– Magnus Bane, Warlock, The Shadowhunter Chronicles

– Ragnor Fell, Warlock, The Shadowhunter Chronicles

– Peter Knox, Witch, All Souls Trilogy

– Rebecka Bishop, Witch, All Souls Trilogy

– Sarah Bishop, Witch, All Souls Trilogy

– Satu Järvinen, Weaver, All Souls Trilogy

– Stephen Proctor, Witch, All Souls Trilogy

– Theresa “Tessa” Gray, Warlock, The Shadowhunter Chronicles

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