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HELLO AND WELCOME to my pandemic panic room! This is a fictional writer’s room. A happy place I’ve created to make the solitary confinement of COVID-19 shielding bearable.

As of today, my front door is locked. Like millions of other weak and vulnerable people across the globe, I will be shielding from this blasted virus and the effect it, no doubt, would have if we invited it in. For how long? Well, I don’t think anyone knows. The powers that be, in my case the National Health Service (NHS), suggest we need to stay shielded for three months at least. Personally, I’d be surprised if this pandemic is under control by the end of the year.

So, what am I going to do to keep myself from going bonkers while I’m incarcerated? Why, thank you for asking, I shall take this as an opportunity to dive into the world of storytelling and learn as much as possible about as many aspects of writing as possible.

I am a completely useless person and I have but one skill. I’m good at making shit up. Since childhood, storytelling has been the lifeblood that feeds my soul. The crutch I’ve leaned on for support in the darkness, and the wings I’ve soared on in the light. Yet, I‘ve never made something of it. Never really felt comfortable sharing my stories. Which is odd, I suppose, seeing as I’ve had a knack for selling things.

In my personal writer’s room, I will dissect other people’s stories and try to develop my own. Over time, I will share my findings with you here in this blog.

It is a daunting prospect to start something with no clear view of what it will be, or where it will take you. At the same time, it’s rather exciting to have (what feels like) aeons of time to immerse myself into a world I’ve never really felt I could aspire to.

Now, I enter that world. I have no map. No guide books to help me set a course. All I have is the word I’ve chosen as the starting point for this adventure.


Let’s see where it may lead me…



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