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The noun prophecy, from Old French profecie and Greek prophetia/propheteia relates to the gift of interpreting the will of God. From the 13oo’s, it takes on the related meaning of something spoken or written by a prophet. The corresponding verb “to prophesy” exists from 1377.

Prophecies seem to exist in most cultures and are generally a message sent to some kind of prophet by some kind of deity. The prophecies are typically foretellings or revelations (particularly regarding the deity’s will), but they can also take the shape of inspirational messages. Which is, probably, why they are so popular in fiction and, particularly, in fantasy.

Wheel of Time: In the Wheel of Time, there are a number of prophesies relating to the Dragon Reborn. Most notably, perhaps, in the Karaethon Cycle that contains the Prophecies of the Dragon.

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NB! The wiki may contain spoilers – you have been warned. =)

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