NB! The wiki may contain spoilers – you have been warned. 😘


Stig Varg, aka Pappa Stig, is the local blacksmith/farrier in the region where the Ulfrheim sagas begin. He lives at The Smithy, his ancestral home in a small village in Indal, with his wife, Anita, and his granddaughter, Edda.

Stig is a firm and steady sort of person. He’s level-headed and doesn’t anger easily, but he’s no push-over. His somewhat sarcastic sense of humour is well known and people in need of his services know they can expect a good roasting too. He’s a big burly man with greying hair tied up with a leather cord, and a long beard. A lifetime of working at the forge and around the farm has made him ridiculously strong.


A patch is a piece of cloth that is sewn onto a biker’s kutte/cut. The patches can be of different shapes, sizes and colours. Patches on the back of the kutte show the identity (colours) of the MC. The big, curved ones that give the name and territory of the club are called rockers.

Front patches hold information such as the biker’s name and position, but there may also be commemorative patches and others with slogans and sayings etc. MC’s take their patches/colours/kuttes very seriously and wear them with pride. They do not allow any disrespect and will not hesitate to remove patches from someone who is flying false colours. 


The president of a motorcycle club (MC) is the elected leader of the club. Larger MCs may also have international, national, state, or chapter level presidents.

THE ULFRHEIM WIKI is a slowly growing collection of glossary/wiki entries to help you sink your canines a little deeper into the Ulfrheim universe.

NB! The wiki may contain spoilers – you have been warned. =)

I try to list all the (potentially) new terms as the stories progress. The wiki section in my Author’s Notes folder is huge, but I won’t post entries in advance as that would give away too much of the plotlines and character arcs.

Words in the text that I believe may be new or difficult are linked to the wiki post where they are explained. Linked words are always this colour and underscored.

Let me know if the word/concept you’re looking for isn’t there and I’ll try to add it as soon as I can.

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