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Today, the 6th of April, 2023, it is one year to the day since we set up camp and invited a motley crew of writers over from our tent at Camp NaNoWriMo. A lot has happened since then, and we are all excited to start sharing it with you in our weekly Ship’s Log. But that’s not all…


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Linnea Lucifer, Week 1


Captain of the Resilience, amateur liar and bearer of many names. Linnea is a multi-genre author who writes fantasy, romance and sweet’n’spicy spoonie smut under different pen names. An ancient dragon lady who doubles as a writing coach, editor and desktop publisher.

F.K. Marlowe, Week 2


Our Ship’s Belle is also known as The Belledame and Queen of Creepy for a reason. This sweet social media butterfly lures you in you with poetry and pretty pictures, but make no mistake. Belle’s horror stories will make your skin crawl, but only in a good way. Of course…

Leto Armitage, Week 3


The Quartermaster, in his own words, is a simple man of simple pleasures, but don’t forget: Two things can be true!  Leto is not only a certified geek and living encyclopedia – he’s also a multi-genre author, storyteller and content creator who writes fantasy, sci-fi, romance and erotica.

M.W. McLeod, Week 4


The Ship’s Sea Witch is our resident master of spreadsheets, cards and dice. Marie is the multi-genre behind the Beyond the Veil series, and the content creator behind the excellent sock puppet theatre featuring the adorkable demon Zengrunath and other characters from her books.


Ship's Log


The Ship’s Log contains news and updates from the Resilience, As We Write, the NPC camp, Hotel de Ville and all other areas of this world. Unless there’s something special we’d like to share with you, we’ll send highlights from the Logbook once a week. This is included in the email from that week’s author.

Smugglers Cove


Our quarterly e-magazine, Smuggler’s Cove, is this year’s Easter Egg. She comes filled with news and updates from our writers’ camp and upcoming readers’ retreat hotel. Smugglers also features articles, author interviews, book reviews, activity sheets and other goodies we hope you will enjoy.

Bottle Posts


Ship’s Log entries are penned on Quarterdeck by the Quartermaster, Leto Armitage, the Ship’s Belle F.K. “Belle” Marlowe, our Sea Witch M.W. “Marie” McLeod and Captain. That would be me. We also allow crew and passengers to chuck the odd Bottle Post over the railing, but only with our seal of approval.

Libertalia Tales: First Love



They say love never dies, that the dead never really leave us When Maya’s first love is tragically taken, she wants to believe it, but all she can feel is the lack of him. Until love finds her in the least expected way. 

Love Never Dies is a bittersweet story of first love beyond the grave. It’s the debut from my friend Fanny Ingram-Bull and I am proud as punch that she chose our Libertalia Tales as her starting ground as a published author. We’ll give Fanny a chance to introduce herself below, but first a few words about this series:

You never forget your first love. The way they made your soul sing. The colour of their eyes. Their scent. How they broke your heart. Love comes in as many different forms as there are lovers. Find your perfect match in this brand new collection of stories about first love, some of them sweet, some of them spicy, some of them a little dark and twisted. Fall in love with a new story as more titles are added to the First Love series.

Introducing a New Passenger

Fanny Ingram-Bull

So this is me, Fanny, saying hello. I’m rather trembly right now, and not just because next doors have hired an extremely tasty gardener to perk up their shrubbery. I’m about to take my heart in my hands and lay myself bare – so to speak.

I wasn’t sure I’d ever be brave enough to share my writing with the world, but it’s true what they say: with friends, everything is possible. So I’m about to send out my first love letter to romance readers. 

‘Love Never Dies’ is a sad, dark little story about the pain of losing “the one” far too soon, and how impossible it feels to live with that kind of sorrow. But, as hopeless as it seems, love always finds a way, and there’s a happy ending that I hope will warm your heart.


I hope you like me and my fantasies enough to come and play. I always play nicely. Oh, and I have been told I need a newsletter, so if you sign up for Frolics with Fanny I promise I will write to you and tell you all about it. 

You can also find me on As We Write and her naughty sister site, Holihell where I will be blogging soon. Just click on the buttons below and they will take you there.


You never forget your first love. The way they made your soul sing. The colour of their eyes. Their scent. How they broke your heart. Love comes in as many different forms as there are lovers. Find your perfect match in this brand new collection of stories about first love, some of them sweet, some of them spicy, some of them a little dark and twisted. Fall in love with a new story as more titles are added to our Libertalia Tales: First Love series.

D.G. Barnes


An Afternoon Delight

Can you meet the love of your life in a bar? When gorgeous Sam walks into Jess’s local bar, it seems like fate. Flirty, fun, and teasing, this sapphic tale of true love will have you gasping in surprise like it’s your first time…

Linn Rhinehart


This Saccharine Sensation

Gianna has dreamed the hubby, house and rugrats dream for 20 years, but what would normie life look like for someone like her? How do you find a man when the only one you talk to is “Joe” in tech support? Can you fall in love with someone you haven’t met? And if you do… What next?

Leto Armitage


Catgirl from Saturn

Michelle, a comic book artist, knows it’s crazy to fall in love with her own creation, a curvy, kick-ass, Catgirl from Saturn. It seems like fate when she falls for Kaylee, who just happens to be cosplaying her dream character, but is their strange romance destined for tragedy? And if so, is it worth it, anyway?


A few highlights from our websites and social media:

Criticism Is Good for You

a laptop with the text time for review on the screen

In this series, we have discussed how criticism can be a destructive, punitive, and even alienating experience. When you feel like you’ve been struck down by harsh, unfeeling words, and you’re struggling to draw breath and walk with your head held high, it’s hard to believe any good could ever come out of such a barbaric practice. And that would of course be true, but it isn’t the whole truth.

Impostor Syndrome?

impostor syndrome written on a notepad on a table with a pen and a cup of coffee

Do you ever feel like a bit of a fraud? Like you’re not a real author? Like you don’t deserve the sales, likes or glowing reviews you get? Or are you, perhaps, comparing your work to that of others and feeling like something of a literary charlatan because you’re no Joyce, Morrison, Proust, Coetzee or whoever your favourite author is? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, I have both good and bad news for you.

Belle's Fear Bites

are short horror stories to get your pulse racing. Read them all in one go or spread them out for a weekly treat.

Leto Makes Donut

burgers. Don’t ask – you need to see it to believe it. The most American thing he ever made, he called them…

Marie's Characters

Lilith and Ellyria from Beyond the Veil discuss the Bechdel Test and the quality of the men in their books…

The Carnal Kitchen

is open and we begin with utensils, how to make a good ramen, and how to care for your cast iron pans…


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Well, would you look at that? We’ve made it all the way to the end. Yes, my friend, that was all I had to share with you today. Next week, our Ship’s Belle, F.K. Marlowe will be here to regale you with the latest from her world of creepy mysteries, YA fiction and random musings from her dog walks somewhere in the Canadian woodlands.

If you celebrate Easter, Eostre, Spring, April or Life, I wish you a wonderful weekend with lots of the things that make your life good. For me, that would be a steady supply of tea, Brandon Sanderson’s latest, and finishing Book 2, Sweet & Spicy, in the Pet’s Penance series. If you’re the kind of person who don’t, I wish you well just the same. We all deserve a slice of happiness in our lives.

Thank you very much! For spending this time with me, for supporting our authors, for reading our news and being our friend. And before I go, let me remind you:

You’ve got this! I believe in you. 

Much love and many blessings,

//Linnea x


Linnea Lucifer is the Captain of the imaginary, yet very real, pirate ship Resilience and her merry crew of indie authors. But that is not all – amateur liar, weaver of stories, peddler of merch, lifelong spoonie, ancient dragon lady and Maddox Rhinehart’s irreverent pet are a few more words often used to describe the bearer of many names.

The Captain, who was named after a delicate little flower that grows in mossy, Swedish pine forests, and a certain fiery fallen angel, spends most of her days daydreaming and writing fantasy, smut and painfully crappy poems. She takes great pleasure in everything that tickles the senses and adds a sprinkle of magic and spice to our world.

Linnea writes fantasy rooted in Norse mythology and Scandinavian folklore under the pen name Saga Linnea Söderberg. She writes sweet’n’spicy spoonie smut together with Leto Armitage under the joint pen name Linn Rhinehart. As Evalena Styf, she’s known as a knowsy roll model and prolific content creator. She’s also a retired writing coach, editor and graphic designer.


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