Anna-Karin Svelander


    ANGEL IS EDDA’S best friend and chosen sister. She lives with her daughter, Juicy, in a small commonhold flat in Sundsvall, Sweden. Angel works as a bartender at The Palace. Her real name is Anna-Karin Svelander, but she was nicknamed Angel as she can be like an angel, a fallen angel…

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    Ulfrheim wiki: A

    ALDARRÖK Aldarrök, as mentioned in Vafþrúðnismál, is the destruction of an age. The end of the world as we know it. In the Ulfrheim sagas, humans rose to power after Ragnarök, but they’re as flawed as their old gods were. Örlog is not impressed. Twice they’ve brought Aldarrök on themselves,…

    Sexy As Sin or Boring Bullies?

    AWW 2 Vampires

    RIGHT, LET’S TALK about vampires, shall we? Let me start by asking this: Do you fancy them? It’s a serious question. I’m genuinely interested in hearing both from people who love vampires and those who don’t. You’re more than welcome to let me know how you feel and why, either…