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- Linnea Lucifer

– FC2, Life of the Party

I KEEP FORGETTING to upload these, but the first draft of Fenrir’s Cubbies, Chapter 2, is now available here and on Wattpad.

Angel has managed to drag a reluctant Edda to The Palace where she has made reservations for them to have New Year’s supper and ring in the new year together. Edda, who’s been feeling all sorts of weird for the past two weeks is really struggling in the crowd of Yuletide revellers. She feels like she’s in a magnetic field where all the people around her are either pulling her in or pushing her away. People’s behaviours seem off and she thinks she can feel their emotions. Which makes no sense and upsets her greatly. 

Again, these chapters are first drafts and I’ll be sharing the editing process here on the blog later on. It’s a scary thing to share first drafts and most writers would rather die than to show their work in progress. I know. I’ve been one of those writers all my life. But the pandemic has made me change my mind on a number of issues, and this is one of them.

Writing can be a healing and profoundly meditative experience. It is something many people dream of doing, but most of them never do. Normally, this is because they don’t think they’re good enough. Because they compare themselves to authors they admire. But they forget that these authors sucked too when they first started writing. And if you asked them, many of them would say their first drafts still suck. Which is why they don’t let anyone see them.

Well, I believe we all have stories to tell and, like any craft, writing is a process and the way you get better at it is to keep doing it. I know I suck at writing dialogues. I tend to write “on the nose” (an occupational hazard when you’re used to writing manuals and course material), making the text wordy and full of things we don’t really need to know. And guess what? It’s ok.

I know my weaknesses and I make good use of them. Knowing that first drafts always suck. Always. Let’s repeat it again for good measure: First drafts always suck. Their purpose is to get the story from start to finish. Who’s in it? What happens to them? What lessons does that teach them? You don’t really need to worry about anything else until you’ve nailed all of that down. So I think of my dialogues as placeholders. I stick a dialogue in where I want certain characters to move the plot forward or explain something. For example. But I’m not too concerned about what they actually say to each other. I leave that for later.

As for “on the nose” writing, I wholeheartedly recommend it at the first stages of writing. Anything that helps you get your story down on paper is good. I even recommend that you write down shit that has nothing to do with your story if it keeps popping up in your head. If you’re trying to write and all you keep thinking about is that you have to call your mum, or buy milk, then stick that in there. Ideally in a different colour. It will help you bypass your writer’s block so you can keep on writing your story.

Ok, I think that’s enough for now. Just write. And, if you’d like, we could be writing buddies. I’d love to hear from other budding writers and would-be writers.

Thanks for stopping by! I wish you a peaceful day and I hope you’ll read Chapter 2. If you have a minute, please vote, share and leave a comment or two.

Love and Lust,

//Lïnnéa x

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