Ulfrheim author's notes
- Linnea Lucifer

– Horse’s Heart 1, Aldarrök

HA! THIS TIME I remembered to write (and post!) the author’s notes right after I published a new chapter. (See, even old dogs can pick up a trick or two.) The first draft of Horse’s Heart, Chapter 1, is now available here and on Wattpad

This is (probably) the first of the Ulfrheim sagas, if you look at them in chronological order. They are all written as stand-alone stories, so you can start with any of the books and follow the plot. But if you read them in chronological order you’ll pick up a few easter eggs and bonus stories as well along the way.

Unsurprisingly, Horse is the main character in this book, and it begins with him retelling the story of the Cubbies’ Aldarrök. An apocalyptical event in their lives that forced them to go their separate ways. We get a glimpse of what kind of person he was in his teens (a very square and hormonal peg) and, perhaps, a hint of what kind of man he is growing into. But who is he talking to? And why is he telling this story? Well, you’ve gotta go read the chapter to find out… 

As usual, the chapters I publish here are the first drafts, which means they are allowed to suck. They will be edited before they are “properly” published. I’ll be sharing the editing process here on aswewrite.com in 2022. Language and dialogue will be heavily edited, but plot-wise they won’t change much. The whole point of the first draft is, after all, to nail down: What happens to whom. Who does what? Why on earth did they do that?! And did they learn something from it all? 

That’s enough talk about me. How about you? What are you writing? What are you reading? I’d love to hear from other writers and readers, regardless of where on the scale from wannabe to pro you are. Let’s be friends!

I hope you’re having a peaceful day and that you’ll go and read Chapter 1. If you have a minute, please vote, share and leave a comment or two as that’s kinda the currency of wattpad and social media.

Love and Lust,

//Lïnnéa x

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