Ulfrheim author's notes
- Linnea Lucifer

– FC3, Happy New Year?

YEP, I FORGOT to upload this one too, but the first draft of Fenrir’s Cubbies, Chapter 3, is now available here and on aswewrite.com. (I promise, I’ll try to get the hang of this!)

So, in this chapter, Edda realises she’s been had. Angel and Horse must have colluded to pull her out of her comfort zone. She is, understandably, mortified at first and tries her best not to fall into the trap. But who is she kidding? She has missed her Cubbies, and no self-preservation in the world can change that fact. But where does she go from here? Well, she may not have much of a say in that…

Now, as usual, I want to say a few words about writing. By now, I have read over 100 Wattpad stories and something that has occurred to me is how often they come with a number of author’s notes filled with apologies. The writers apologise for being too long-winded. For including too much, or too little, smut. For spelling, inconsistencies, plot holes, not being quite sure where things are going etc. There are, literally, tonnes of apologies on here. And I won’t be adding to them.

If anything, I’d like to fly the flag for unapologetic writing. As an editor, proofreader, writing coach and teacher, one of the lessons I’ve learned is that it’s ok to suck. In fact, I embrace it and I think you should too. Stop telling people you’re sorry! Better yet – stop being sorry. Just stop it. No one in their right mind expects a Wattpad story, whether it’s fanfic or an original, to be perfect unless it’s been edited and published. If it’s gone into the paid books section, that’s a different kettle of fish, but if it’s still being written it will suck. Maybe/Hopefully not completely, but it will be flawed. Without fail.

That’s why we have the editing process, and that comes after we’ve nailed the story down. Until then, just relax and let the story lead the way. Have fun. And if some bugger complains, there’s a whole heap of articles on aswewrite.com on how to deal with critics, reviews and criticism. 

The chapters I publish here and on the blog are first drafts. And yes, they suck too. They have good bits and bad bits in them and that’s exactly how I want it to be. Normally, in the editing stage, I shave off up to 50% of the word count. I love it! I spend hours chopping and changing. Trying out different versions of paragraphs until I’m happy with the flow and sound of them. And doing my best to make the dialogue sound authentic. (But I have a sneaking suspicion I’ll always suck at writing dialogues…)

Anyway, enough talking. I need to return to Ulfrheim and see what my characters are up to. Are you writing something? Or do you have a story you haven’t started writing yet? If you’d like, we could be writing buddies. I’d love to hear from other writers, regardless of where on the scale from wannabe writer to accomplished author you are. Let’s be friends!

Thanks for popping in to see me. I hope you’re having a peaceful day and that you’ll go and read Chapter 3. If you have a minute, please vote, share and leave a comment or two as that really helps with algorithms and stuff like that.

Love and Lust,

//Lïnnéa x

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