Ulfrheim book covers

AT RAGNARÖK, the twilight of the gods, the Nine Homes were swallowed by the sea, and a single new world emerged. For a very long time after that, there was peace. But it ended with the rise of humankind.

With their greed, envy and great capacity for evil, they brought about the first aldar rök, the destruction of an age, that killed 40% of their kind. Yet, the humans did not change; if anything they got worse, and after another 800 years the second aldar rök claimed 60% of their kind.

Now, another 600 years have passed and humans no longer fear old gods or apocalyptic disasters. But the signs are there. The third aldar rök is under way, and there is nothing science, technology or money can do to stop it. 

Horse's Heart book

It was the end of an age. The end of life as we knew it. Aldarrök, she called it. An apocalyptic event in our microcosm. I’d been looking forward to that day for years, playing out different scenarios in my head. But not once had I imagined the pain I felt when it finally arrived. Or the effects it would inevitably have on our lives.

Horse had mixed feelings about this day. On the one hand, he was chomping at the bit, ready for the challenge college would bring. On the other hand, he was dreading saying goodbye to the Cubbies. They had been such a massive part of his life for the past 12 years, and a life without them didn’t bear thinking of. What would it be like to only be responsible for himself? And what was he going to do about Edda?

Fenrir's Cubbies book cover

It’s New Year’s Eve in Sundsvall, a northern seaside city in Sweden. Edda, who’s been through the wringer over the past two years, has hit rock bottom. Her sister, Angel, decides to stage an intervention to break the negative cycle. Convinced a few drinks and a decent shag can cure most evils, she drags a reluctant Edda to The Palace, the fancy downtown nightclub where they both work.

This is the last of the Yuletide season’s parties and the place is packed with homecomers on the prowl for a joyride. And, of course, the locals have come out to mingle and play. As people’s pasts, presents and futures seem to collide in the crowded nightclub, a traumatised Edda takes refuge in the darkest corner of the basement cocktail bar to escape it all. And that’s where Horse, the President of Fenrir’s Cubbies, finds her…