IN MY SEARCH FOR vampire stories to sink my teeth into, I found quite a few. But then you guys got all busy in my socials and sent me even more suggestions, so I decided we need a list. 

Here below, I’ve listed all the titles I have so far. For the books, I’ve added the name of the author and for the films, I’ve added release year.  For tv-series I didn’t add any extras, but that may change later. We’ll see.

The list is sorted into titles from A to Z, and in the cases where a story has been adapted I’ve listed those titles too.

Please note, this is not an exhaustive list by far and I would still be grateful if you send me titles you think should be included. Also, some titles here are young adult stories, and some are stories that have vampires in them even though they’re not a vampire story per see. My philosophy: If there’s a vamp in it, it’s getting on the list. Simples!

Last but not least, I’ll link any titles I’m combing through in my vampire studies to whatever I’ve written about them.

Now, let’s check out this list:

      1. 30 Days of Night, film (2007)
      2. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, film (2012)
      3. A Discovery of Witches/All Souls Trilogy, Deborah Harkness 
      4. All Souls Trilogy/A Discovery of Witches, Deborah Harkness 
      5. Angel, tv-series
      6. Anita Blake, Laurell K Hamilton
      7. Black Dagger Brotherhood, JR Ward
      8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, tv-series
      9. Carmilla, Sheridan Le Fanu
      10. Daughter of Darkness, film (1971)
      11. Daybreakers, film (2009)
      12. Dracula, Bram Stoker
      13. Fevre Dream, George RR Martin
      14. Forever Knight, tv-series
      15. Fortunately, The Milk, Neil Gaiman
      16. Fright Night, films (1985, 2011, 2013)
      17. I Am Legend, Richard Matheson (The Last Man on Earth (1964), Night of the Living Dead (1968), The Omega Man (1971), and I Am Legend (2007))
      18. Kindered The Embraced, tv-series
      19. Let Me In, film (2010)/Let The Right One In, film (2008), John Ajvide Lindquist
      20. Let The Right One In, John Ajvide Lindquist (Let The Right One In, film (2008), Let Me In, film (2010))
      21. Near Dark, film 1987
      22. Night of the Living Dead, film (1968)
      23. Night World, L J Smith
      24. Nosferatu, film (1922)
      25. Only Lovers Left Alive, film (2013)
      26. Originals, tv-series
      27. Salem’s Lot, David Soul
      28. Southern Vampire Mysteries, Charlaine Harris/True Blood, tv-series 
      29. The Dresden Files, Jim Butcher
      30. The Last Man on Earth, film (1964)
      31. The Lost Boys, film (1987)
      32. The Omega Man, film (1971)
      33. The Passage, Justin Cronin
      34. The Shadowhunter Chronicles, Cassandra Clare
      35. The Strain, tv-series
      36. The Twilight Saga, Stephenie Meyer/The Twilight Saga, films (2008-2012)
      37. The Vampire Chronicles, Anne Rice
      38. The Vampire Diaries, LJ Smith/ The Vampire Diaries, tv-series
      39. True Blood, tv-series/Southern Vampire Mysteries, Charlaine Harris
      40. Vampire Academy, Richelle Mead/Vampire Academy, film (2014)
      41. Vampire for Hire, JR Rain
      42. Van Helsing, film (2004)/ Van Helsing, tv-series 

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