NB! The wiki may contain spoilers – you have been warned. 😘


Barbro Nylander, aka Wicked Witch of the North, is Edda’s least favourite person and the grandmother of her children. 


Also known as winter depression or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the winter blues is a mood disorder primarily affecting people living in countries with long dark winters. 


Göran Norberg, aka Wolf, joined Fenrir’s Cubbies together with his childhood friends Coyote and Garm when he was 13. The three of them later became the club’s first three Road Captains.

THE ULFRHEIM WIKI is a slowly growing collection of glossary/wiki entries to help you sink your canines a little deeper into the Ulfrheim universe.

NB! The wiki may contain spoilers – you have been warned. =)

I try to list all the (potentially) new terms as the stories progress. The wiki section in my Author’s Notes folder is huge, but I won’t post entries in advance as that would give away too much of the plotlines and character arcs.

Words in the text that I believe may be new or difficult are linked to the wiki post where they are explained. Linked words are always this colour and underscored.

Let me know if the word/concept you’re looking for isn’t there and I’ll try to add it as soon as I can.

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