A warder, at least in the UK, works in a prison as a guard or supervisor. It can also be the job title for a person who guards something or someone. A warden is also the name of the little stick truncheon you can see kings and, in some cases, queens wield in old paintings. It was used as a mark of authority and to declare their wishes/intentions.

Wheel of Time: A warder is a bonded “bodyguard” of an Aes Sedai. They are traditionally male, and they are easily recognised because of the distinctive cloaks they wear. Made of fancloth, they appear to be shifting in colour and help disguise the wearer by making their movements seem more diffuse. In the Old Tongue they are called Gaidin.


We are a small group of diverse writers camping on the river bank where our pirate ship is moored. Most of us are Indiepub authors, those shameful, despised creatures. We accept our label and embrace it, wearing it with pride like the communards of old wore their scarlet caps.

We have great dreams, and we are building our own place in this new world. Building it out of the stories we bring to the world on our own terms. We are revolutionaries, you see. Writers who turned our backs on the establishment, building our own citadel of words. One day soon, we may even storm the Bastille.

Vive la revolution!

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