You might ask why F.K. Marlowe needs to hide behind a nom de plume, and apart from the standard answer of names being changed to protect the guilty, I’d have to say it has something to do with her inability to stick to one personality longer than it takes to eat lunch.

Easily distracted by shiny objects, it’s a miracle Marlowe ever finishes anything, but when she does, it has its commas mostly in the right places, because she has a ridiculous number of degrees in English literature at various levels. Besides, that sort of thing is just basic good manners to your reader, isn’t it?

Marlowe is on a horror jaunt right now, but she also writes Young Adult fiction about misfits and vampires and wolves. (Oh my!) Being utterly mercurial she makes no promises about future genres. She is currently wrestling with what to do with a gargoyle named Josiah who popped up in her imagination unbidden and refuses to go into the story she had planned for him. She pretends to be irritated by the insubordination of the fictional people in her head, but has to admit, given the chaos they’re living in, they’re surprisingly well behaved.

It’s fair to say Marlowe has a checkered past, involving academia, teaching in China, and a long-ago stint at the Edinburgh Fringe where she played a regency actress-come-prostitute to rave reviews which featured the word “pleasant” a damningly high number of times. Having reached the dizzy heights of mediocrity in the acting world she left it and never looked back, much to the relief of all concerned. Since then she’s been remarkably successful at convincing people she’s a responsible and serious type, first as a PhD student and later as an English teacher, tutor and examiner. This just goes to show that you can’t trust anyone, and people will believe any old nonsense if you dress it in a charcoal grey trouser suit from Marks and Spencer.

Marlowe currently lives in Vancouver with her husband, three daughters and a rescue pup who is systematically destroying the lawn. Marlowe wholly approves of this behaviour.


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