Introducing a New Passenger

Fanny Ingram-Bull

So this is me, Fanny, saying hello. I’m rather trembly right now, and not just because next doors have hired an extremely tasty gardener to perk up their shrubbery. I’m about to take my heart in my hands and lay myself bare – so to speak.

I wasn’t sure I’d ever be brave enough to share my writing with the world, but it’s true what they say: with friends, everything is possible. So I’m about to send out my first love letter to romance readers. 

‘Love Never Dies’ is a sad, dark little story about the pain of losing “the one” far too soon, and how impossible it feels to live with that kind of sorrow. But, as hopeless as it seems, love always finds a way, and there’s a happy ending that I hope will warm your heart.


I hope you like me and my fantasies enough to come and play. I always play nicely. Oh, and I have been told I need a newsletter, so if you sign up for Frolics with Fanny I promise I will write to you and tell you all about it. 

You can also find me on As We Write and her naughty sister site, Holihell where I will be blogging soon. Just click on the buttons below and they will take you there.


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Libertalia Tales: First Love



They say love never dies, that the dead never really leave us When Maya’s first love is tragically taken, she wants to believe it, but all she can feel is the lack of him. Until love finds her in the least expected way. 

Love Never Dies is a bittersweet story of first love beyond the grave. It’s the debut from my friend Fanny Ingram-Bull and I am proud as punch that she chose our Libertalia Tales as her starting ground as a published author. We’ll give Fanny a chance to introduce herself below, but first a few words about this series:

You never forget your first love. The way they made your soul sing. The colour of their eyes. Their scent. How they broke your heart. Love comes in as many different forms as there are lovers. Find your perfect match in this brand new collection of stories about first love, some of them sweet, some of them spicy, some of them a little dark and twisted. Fall in love with a new story as more titles are added to the First Love series.


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