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10 JUNE, 2022


I see nothing but grey all around me.

Fog covers the ground in the strange, wide open liminal space of this purgatory. Black text, white background. Text, words, letters everywhere. The author died and came here to this limbo to edit, only to return to the comfort of writing once the heat of the sixth month passes.

The rebrand of the Deals of the Damned trilogy comes with updated text, new covers, and at the end of the tunnel, the smell of freedom. And…

Is that? Brimstone?


More demons are on the horizon as Tarso and Lily’s story are coming around the bend. Look for it on July 22nd when this author will pop her head out of the ground and see if she casts a shadow.

Did I just mix groundhog folklore with purgatory?

Yes. Yes, I did.

My mind is lost, but I fear not, for the words are still with me. And with each character comes comfort.

A promise.

I am here, and there is so much more to come.


M.W. McLeod is an American multi-genre author with four published titles under her belt.

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