About the Benefits of Signing On

If you sign on to sail and camp with us, you will get a tent of your own and a new fam who will be waiting by the campfire, excited to get to know you.

(If you accidentally landed here, or if you are interested in joining us, you may want to take the door down to the left and take the Grand Tour from the start.)

In camp, we share our resources and knowledge. In your own tent, you can post questions, pictures etc to help people get to know you as a person and as a writer. You can also pop into your fellow campers’ tents to hang out with them, leave them messages or to get a feel for who they are. But that’s not all.

We have a number of general, special interest and entertainment tents. There are rant tents, a perv tent, a galley, a pub and a place to share jokes. But we also have craft tents where we share snippets, discuss WIPs, and ask each other for help with anything from formatting to promotions etc.

As a crew member, you get a bonus family of great storytellers who love to share, support and lift each other up. We will hold your hands when you’re hurting, ply you with tea (or any beverage of your choice) and soothing words when you’re stressed out, and celebrate every milestone and success with you.

If you make it through the first three probationary months and decide that you want to stay, you also get your own spot as a featured author on this site, in our shop and on our social media. Furthermore, you get a group of writing buddies who will be happy to engage with you in camp and on socials, and who will help promote and shine the light on you and your stories.

Every author should have some kind of platform, and we encourage our crew members to keep working on theirs. However, most writers are really bad at selling themselves. As a member of our crew, you get to board a platform that is already in place and growing. Whether you’re already started to work on yours, or just pulling your hair wondering where to start there is a place for you here.

We are still building, growing and expanding, but since we started in late 2021 we have put together:

      • a Discord server (our campground)
      • a YouTube channel
      • a collection of social media accounts
      • two websites (this one and holihell.com)
      • universal book pages
      • landing pages
      • a joint newsletter (SIGN UP HERE)
      • an email server yourname@aswewrite.com
      • a combined audience of over 50,000 followers (Sep -22)

Last, but certainly not least, we all have a tendency to inspire each other to be brave, try new things and jump off whatever cliff it is that we’ve feared for too long. And we have a lot of fun while we do it.

If you’re still interested in being one of us, walk with me through the door down to your right. In the WRITER’S ROOM I’ll explain how our admissions process works and show you our Authors’ Wall of Fame.


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